Mandrem Beach



MANDREM BEACH: Beach Lovers dream come true.

Romantic couples love the clean and clear beaches of Goa. Every couple desires to have a holiday home by the beach side. Most Indian and Foreign tourists too love the beaches of Goa where there are lots of comfortable rooms, variety of food restaurants and a clean and sunny beach all to themselves. All tourists want is Shelter, Shower, Seafood and to do lots of Swimming in the Sea. Mandrem beach offers all of this and much more. If you are dreaming of staying on a “Dreamy” beach then Mandrem beach can become your Man Dream come true.




Mandrem beach is to be found situated at a distance of 32 kms from Panjim (Panaji) Main Bust Stand. Mandrem village in North Goa is to be accessed via Mapusa the Commercial city. First board any local bus from KTC Panjim Bust Stand for Mapusa city. Panjim to Mapusa City is 12 kms. Then board bus going towards Mandrem beach. Mapusa to Mandrem is 20 kms.

Goa is the only state in India, where you can hire a Bike Taxi from point to point. Funnily these Bike Taxi Riders are called “Motorcycle Pilots” or just “Pilots” and they have nothing to do with flying planes. These “Pilots” of Goa ride bikes and help passengers to reach their destinations all over Goa. In every city of Goa, there is a MOTORCYCLE PILOTS STAND. Hire these Yellow Mudguard colored bikes for a paid ride.


Taxis till date do not have standard meters fixed and operational within them. Taxi fares are not standardized or regularized by either Government or any other Organization. The fare is usually decided by the Taxi Driver upon number of passengers and the number of kilometers of travelling involved. The price is always negotiable and bargaining is a must always. On landing at Dabolim Airport book yourself a PREPAID GOVERNMENT FARE Taxi at the Dabolim Airport and enjoy the Scenic village AC ride for approximately 55 kms to finally set your feet on Mandrem beach in Pernem district of North Goa.

At every place in Goa, Indian and Foreign Tourists can easily hire any type of bike or car to self drive oneself all over Goa.

All you need is a Valid Indian Driving License or a valid International Driving License. Other than this any other Photo Identification document for example like Passport.

Once in Goa, enjoy the freedom of movement to visit any and all places all over Goa. Feel the Goan breeze on your face as you accelerate your dream holiday in Goa.

MANDREM BEACH: The Bamboo Bridge beach of North Goa.

Mandrem beach is the only beach in Goa, where a Sweet water River (Rivulet) runs parallel to a long stretch of the Mandrem beach. On the West side of Mandrem beach is the Vast Salt Sea Water of the Arabian Sea and on the right is the Sweet water meandering Mandrem River.  Tourists as well as locals needed to have regular and easy access over the Manrem Rivulet so as to go and swim in the saline sea waters of Mandrem beach.  That’s how Beach Resorts like Sunny O Saiba have volunteered on their own to build the long and romantic wooden boats at each Resort or Restaurants cost. A long walk on Mandrem beach and one will discover dozens of such Romantic Wooden Bridges built all over the place.




Goa has a total of 11 Rivers and 1 of them is the Mandrem River. All along the Riverside one will find Riverside accommodations of Huts and Rooms all over Mandrem. Sunny O Saiba Resort is one of the many at your service. During low tide one can wet your feet and walk through the tiny stream of water ending at OSaiba Restaurant. During High Tide the Salty waters of the Mandrem Sea rush into the Rivulet and the river gets flooded with water. This time one can walk over the bridge and over the full river to reach the Mandrem beach.



Goa has 72 plus beaches over a 110 kms stretch line of Ocean side. Mandrem beach is one of them. Mandrem is the cleanest and longest beach of North Goa. Over the HTL (High Tide Line) there are many Resorts offering Beach Rooms and Beach Huts. Sunny O Saiba is a Premium Beach Resort on Mandrem beach offering 4 Roof Top Sea View Bamboo Cottages, 5 Ground level Bamboo Huts , 10 Beach View Rooms and 06 Village View Rooms. Choice of AC and Non AC accommodations.



Since olden times, Mandrem was always a Fishing community or Fisher folk village of North Goa. Mandrem being a coastal village, the main occupation of one and all was fishing and catching daily fresh fish. The main accommodation village ward or waddo as called in local Konkani village is by the name of JUNAS WARD or Junas Waddo. One can still see many wooden fishing boats anchored out on the Mandrem beach sands. This beach has a small but active fishing community that ventures out in to the deep seas and catches fresh fish fo r restaurants like O Saiba etc.





Take National Highway 17 (NH17) across the Mandovi River Bridge to Mapusa via Porvorim Circle. On arriving at Mapusa city once in front of the Maruti Mandir Hanuman Temple then take the immediate left road that heads straight to Siolim. Cross over the newly built modern bridge over the Chapora River. This Siolim Bridge divides and distributes the two districts of Bardez on one side of the bridge and Pernem on the other side. Chopdem village lies on the Pernem side. Drive north, ignore the first fork at the ROUND ABOUT CIRLE (which goes left to Morjim) and take the straight road till you reach the second fork.  At the second fork, drive left all the way till you reach up to Mandrem Village. Go through the village and turn left. After a curve, suddenly, you will be welcomed with a magnificent panorama of the sea. You have arrived at Mandrem Beach.





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