Sunny O Saiba Beaches




This geographical tiny area that exists around the Tiracol Fort is part of the Goa State. The Tiracol Fort area is divided by the Redi River. At the Estuary on one side is the Keri (Querim) beach and on the other side is the Tiracol Fort tiny beach. There is an active Ferry Service that ferries people and vehicles from Keri side to Tiracol Fort side, as part of Goa Government service.




On entering Goa by any vehicle, from Maharashtra border side, then the first beach of Goa is Keri beach or Querim beach. The most quietest and most least commercial beaches of Goa. See Goa as it is at Keri (Querim) beach. At a far away distance one can see the majestic Tiracol Fort in the distance.




Tourists staying at Sunny O Saiba beach Resort can visit this adventurous beach of Arambol or Harmal. Here one will find the last hippy culture that has long disappeared worldwide. Arambol beach has some jagged rocky cliffs that are worth a climb for panoramic views of Goa’s Coastline. The Arambol beach is full of Bamboo Huts and Bamboo Cottages splattered all over the cliffs of Arambol. The main part of Arambol beach is a nice place to swim. If one explores more north wards along the beach coast there is a fresh water lake just below the hill. People usually have a sea bath, followed by a mud bath at the stream above the lake (it’s said to have healing effect for the skin) and followed by a bath at the fresh water lake. To the north of Arambol is the Keri/Querim beach. To the south it’s the Mandrem beach where Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort is situated.




MANDREM BEACH: Every Man’s Dream beach.

Every person dreams of a beach that is clean, comfortable and cozy to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Mandrem is truly EVERY MANS DREAM come true. Golden Shining Sands. Vast expanse of Ocean water for safe swimming. Walk endlessly towards the North and you will reach Ashwem beach. Continue walking towards the South and you reach Arambol beach. This beach of North Goa is popular for its many romantic wooden bridges that are built all over the meandering Mandrem River (Rivulet) criss crossing over the sweet waters towards the salty seas.




MORJIM BEACH: The Olive Ridley Turtle Beach

Morjim beach of  Pernem in North Goa was earlier only accessible by Ferry service over the Chapora River. Now there is a straight new bridge that connects the two districts of Bardez and Pernem together. Morjim is the first beach after crossing the Siolim or Chapora river bridge. Morjim beach is the most preferred and special beach amongst Russian tourists visiting Goa. In fact the other actual name for Morjim beach is Moscow beach, because of the enormous number of Russian tourists seen here. The walk able distance end to end of Morjim beach is only 3 kilometers. Morjim Beach also recognized as Turtle Beach because the Olive Ridley turtles come here every October to hatch their new eggs.  Morjim is totally disconnected from the crowded beaches of Goa. The out-of-the-way beach provides solitude to one and all. Bird lovers will be thrilled to discover an collection of birds here like the Sand Plover, Bay-backed Shrike, Quill, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher, Sandpipers, Gulls, Brown-headed, Black-headed and Slender-billed Gulls along with Crested Terns, Sea Eagle, Osprey and many more. View the expanse of Morjim beach and beyond from the high heights of Chapora fort.






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