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Mapusa is famous only for the weekly Friday Market or bazaar which is a not to be missed shopping event for tourists and locals alike.  Participants are Cloth Merchants, goldsmiths, steel, Food items, Hardware shops, Tea and Coffee including exotic tea flavours as well as coffee beans, Pastry Shops where you can get authentic Goan delicacies as well as several others.

With plenty of international and Indian tourists frequenting the Mapusa Friday market you will also find nowadays souvenir, trinket and carpet sellers from all over India. Friday Mapusa market is a sunrise to sunset market. picGuests staying at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort are recommended not to miss this market.


To be found on the banks of river Baga, at Arpora- Baga, Goa. Open from November till April, unmissable, every Saturday 6.00 p.m. onwards, when sun is about to set till late at night. Without a doubt, a naturally stunning place to relax bordered by river flowing along its periphery and salt water lake forms the internal side, amidst coconut grooves where you tend to forget everything. There is a dance floor for those who like to dance to your favourite music played by live bands. Also entertain yourself to stunning performances by Indian/ international artist like acrobats, fire dancer/ Jugglers, Oriental belly dancers and many more that makes your visit to Mackie’s, a memorable one. Guests staying at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort can visit Mackie’s Saturday Night Market and Arpora Saturday Nite Market both on the same day.


Clive’s Saturday Nite Market at Arpora is a not to be missed night actipicon while in Goa between the months of December till March. The market has hundreds of stalls, with all kinds of accessories and is lively with music and food. You'll see the most unconventional sights and some attractive people from all parts of the world walking along with a drink in one hand and a shopping list in the other! There are all sorts of world’s gastronomy available to choose from Greek, English, South Indian, Thai, Italian, Goan, Nepali, Indian, Indian-Chinese and desserts. The market sees at least 30,000 people walk in every Saturday from 7pm till 02pm past midnight. The Indian part of the market has Kashmiri items, wooden articles, silks, pashminas, masks, antiques and home accessories. The part of the market managed by foreigners has leather masks, feathers, clothes popularized by hippies.

 And as a touch of exotica there are fortune-tellers and tarot card readers. There is a little for everyone. The atmosphere is very vibrant, colourful & rocking all night. If you arepic staying at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort, then this is a not to be missed night shopping market of Goa, but only during season time. More information at http://www.thesnm.com


Vendors, Sellers and participants come as early as 05 am in the morning to start setting up their stalls. Business ends by sunset late in the evening. There are plenty of good restaurants that come alive during the flea market day. Originally started by eight fingered Eddie and his group of flower children who are becoming extinct now. Flea market was originally started by the hippies or flower children. Thousands of stalls selling rings n things from all over India. You will find Kashmiris, Gujarathis, Lamanis, Goans, Tibetans, Maharashtrians and many more, it’s like a mini India Mela (fair) of innovative Indians all gatherepicd under the seashore sky of Anjuna to sell in an open daytime market.


The enthusiasm of driving in the fastest track is surely infectious up in India and the service of Karting in Goa is a right sign towards it. The Go-Karting race tracks in Nuvem, positioned towards north of Margao (South Goa) is very fashionable and is considered to be one of the best in the entire country.  Infact the Nuvem track frequently holds the Goan leg for JK Tyre National Go Karting Championship. The long 482 m track is sure to give goose bumps to the driving addicts. A giant display board displays all the racing data to the racing buffs as well as the spectators. Whether you are racing alone or with your friends the Go Karting arena is one of the best means to satisfy the thirst for driving.


Splashdown is Goa's number one Water Park.  The Facility boasts of 5 pools, a variety of slides, flumes and other interesting features. There is something to do for all ages, the mild and strong of heart. Rediscover the child in you as you hurtle down the slides. Splashdown’s a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends. A unique way to celebrate an occasion, be it a birthday party, family get together or a festival. An awesome place to have a school outing, a college reunion or corporate meetings.  So see you there! At www.splashdowngoa.com


Curly's This is positively one of the best places in Goa during daytime for trance people, freaks, hippies & other positive people... :-) It is to be found just next to the Anjuna Flea Market place, on the farthest south of Anjuna beach. Nice beach shacks with really pleasant music (psychedelic trance & ambient in Curly's bar, and Israeli psy trance in some another beach shack 50 metres further to the south), polite people - so this is really outstanding place for some psychedelic relaxation before/after parties, or just for watching the beautiful Goan sunset while drinking some fresh pineapple juice.. )


Shiva Valley is the unexceptional shack just next door to Curlies that turns into one of Goa’s newest party spots every Tuesday. The parties begin at sunset with the “chai mamas” setting out their tables in preparation of feeding the hungry dancers. The venue attracts well known DJs from across the world and the dance-floor is packed soon after it opens. The parties continue till midnight, but like Curlies, some nights may go on longer. 5PM ONWARDS / Tuesday nights, & other special parties. 


Calangute is one of the busiest andpic most visited beaches of North Goa. Millions of Indians visit this beach at least once in their lifetime. The village was originally named Kolongutt, and currently its name has deviated to Calangute. Calangute probably gets its name from, Kalyan-Gutti, which means a village of art, a beautiful village.  Around 1.6 Million tourists visiting Goa every year make it an annual affair to pay a visit to this world famous beach. The Calangute beach is mainly famous because it’s Main Street leading from the main Hindu Calangute Temple from the Fish Market towards the beach which is full of shopping opportunities. From home products to handicrafts, from antiques to duplicates, from ethnic to foreign from traditional wear to modern outfits, from Indian food to International delights, for gifts from Kanyakumari to Kashmir or Rings n Things. Lots of water sports opportunities on Calangute beach. Such as para sailing, banana boat rides, dugout canoe boat rides, dolphin sightseeing, deep sea fishing and Jet Boat rides.


Tito’s, the discotheque and Night Club picalong the coast of Baga in the beautiful state of Goa, India was established in 1971. Tito's, today offers one of the best equipped, acoustically designed discotheque and caters to the tourist, both; international and domestic, flocking Goa. The Entertainment is offered all round the year. So much is the name Titos, synchronous in tourist minds visiting Goa, that it is often said "A trip to Goa without a visit to Tito's is incomplete". Club Tito is located in Baga.


Nerul Beach is also popularly known amongpic locals as Coco Beach. The beach position is close to the Mandovi River’s estuary and because of this the water is highly saline and filled with sand. There are boating facilities near the estuary as well as at the restaurants exactly below the Nerul Bridge. Adventure activities are in plenty at Nerul such as crocodile spotting, dolphin spotting, angling, boat fishing, backwater cruising and bird watching.


Locally the Panjim church is better knopicwn as “Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church”. This church of Panjim is well perched on a hillock at a much higher height than that of the Idalco Palace of Panjim. One can get a Bird’s Eye View from the gallery of the church. A panoramic view of the entire Panjim city is a feast to the eyes. This church of Panjim was built in 1541. This Panjim church has the second largest bell amongst all church bells in Goa. The first largest bell in Goa is at Se Cathedral in Old Goa. This church of Panjim is popular with tourists as well as with Bollywood Cinema.


Baga Beach and Baga village is an extension of the coastal village of Calangute in the state of Goa, India. Baga comes under the jurisdiction of Calangute, which is 2 km south. Baga is known for its populpicar beach, Baga Beach with is brown sands, and creek, the Baga Creek which has the river of Baga flowing into it. It is visited by thousands of tourists annually. The beach contains rows of shacks and fishing boats, and at high tide the beach is narrow. The beach is named after the Baga Creek, which empties into the Arabian Sea at the north end of the beach.  Baga Beach is also famous for its water sports and Dolphin cruises.


At Fontainhas you will get a glance of the real Panjim as it existed during the Portuguese rule in Goa. Leaving the broad roads, you will enter the constricted narrow allpicey ways of Fontainhas. Old villas, and crumbling buildings, with walls painted with every colour under the sun: red, yellow, green, blue: dazzling and a sight for sore eyes surely! If you’re in Goa, take some time off from the beaches and discover this quaint and beautiful quarter of pre historic Panjim. Most of our guests living at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort love to go on quite evening walks along these narrow by lanes of Fontainhas.


Altinho meaning high is a mountainous area of Panaji, the state capital of India's smallest state Goa. Over here one will find the State's chief minister's residence and the Archbishop's palace situated here. Although Altinho is a residential area, it is a home to Panaji's All India Radio station. Some educational institutes sit on the high perch of this hillock overlooking the Panjim plane and the serene Goan vista. Red earth lines of pathways netted in the green sprawl of the lush vegetation with the tall palm fronds brushing the azure sky.

CASINO ROYALE GOA (anypic taxi will take you there from Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort, Mandrem)

Casino Royale is the biggest floating Casino in Goa. It is unquestionably the classiest too on the waters of Goa. It has a gaming floor devoted to all table games, and slots, a poker room exclusively for poker. It also has an entire dining floor with food catered by China Garden. There is live entertainment daily on the dining floor and on the sundeck (during non-monsoon months) of the ship. More information at www.casinoroyalegoa.com


Nature’s blessing and a natural revelation to see a sweet water lake so close to the salty sea water of the Arabian Sea. Our guests can have a swim in the sea and then just walk towards a natural fresh water lake of Arambol located bank on the Arambol beach. Here, the landscape is wonderful; a fresh water pond rests at the base of the hillside 50 yards from the crashing surf below, and the ocean froths around dark rocks rising offshore. Walk past the pond and you'll find quieter tide-dependent inlets and rock ledges to find out on your own.


Very close to Sinquerim beach lies the world famous Aguada fort and Aguada Lighthouse. Constructed by the Portuguese way back in 1612 to guard against the naval forces of the foreign Dutch and the local Marathas. Initially the fort and lighthouse were used as a reference point for shipping vessels approaching from Europe at that time.  In Portuguese language Aguada means water and there was a freshwater spring that existed within the fort premises, thus providing ample supply of fresh water to passing by ships. Hence the place and fort got the name Aguada. Over here stands the highest lighthouse of Goa which stands proudly four storeys high built in 1864 and presently stands tall as the oldest lighthouse of Asia. Built at the mouth of River Mandovi, one gets panoramic views of the surroundings.

One of the most striking and stunning churches of north Goa. The Saligao church is one of the few churches which showcases a Gothic Structure and Design and is also one of the oldest churches in north of Goa. Thischurch of Goa – Saligao Church, boasts of Greek architectural style. picThe exterior structure looks outstanding with a gong in the centre at the top of the church, large protruding cones all around the building and a statuette of the Mother of God in the centre.


Baga Retreat House is to be found at Baga hilltop. Overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Baga village, the retreat house is dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier. It was known as the Casa de Retiros. Baga Retreat House is in Baga village.



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