Stay in Goa besides a River and bang on a beach.

Mandrem beach is the only beach of North Goa in Pernem district which has a sweet water river running parallel to the Mandrem beach. Live a 7 Star Goa Beach Experience at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort besides Mandrem River and bang on Mandrem beach in Goa. The Mandrem River originates deep from the hinterlands of Arambol and this sweet water rivulet meets and merges with the salty ocean sea at Mandrem beach. The beginning point is somewhere deep in Arambol and its journey ends very close to Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort at Mandrem beach. 




Satellite Map of Mandrem Beach and Mandrem River in North Goa



To cross over the meandering Mandrem River, Sunny O Saiba has built a long Wooden Bamboo Bridge to help tourists and locals to cross over the Mandrem River (Rivulet) to step their feet on the shiny sands of Mandrem beach.



Stay in Natural Bamboo Beach Cottages on Mandrem Beach in Goa

Staying in a Bamboo Beach Cottage on Goa beach is a luxurious 7 Star experience. The luxury is of living or staying bang on Goa beach. Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort has 5 tastefully designed Bamboo Cottages / Huts at Ground level and 4 Premium Roof Top Sea and River View Bamboo Cottages / Huts bang in the middle of Mandrem beach. (Any more closer and you would be in the Sea waters)




7 Star Goa Beach Experience at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort, Mandrem gives you what no luxury star hotel can get:


  • Beach Sand below your feet.
  • Goan Seafood Beach Shack Restaurant on Mandrem beach
  • Blue Goan Skies during the day over your head.
  • Bright Starry Sky during the night for you to dream on.
  • Soothing sound of crashing sea waves, music to beach lover’s ears.
  • Room and Restaurant Service on Goa beach.
  • Free Sunbeds. (Read, Relax, Rejuvenate on the beach)
  • Picnic on the Mandrem Beach Sands. (We provide Food & Beverage Service on the beach too)




Why stay in Hotel and take a Taxi to reach beach?

Staying at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort, means living bang on Mandrem beach. No need to spend time travelling and spending lots of money to reach any Goa beach. You can walk to your left to Ashwem beach and to your right to Arambol beach. Staying at OSaiba Beach Resort you can explore the other beaches of Pernem that are Morjim beach, Ashwem beach, Arambol beach and Querim beach.



Live Day & Night on Goa Beach.
Wake up to majestic Beach Sunrises and Sleep after magnificent Beach Sunsets.
Most of the hotels in Goa will provide you four concrete cement walls. Sunny O Saiba Resort provides you a natural beach experience and the opportunity to LIVE IN THE LAP OF NATURE, bang on Mandrem beach. OSaiba Resort gives you nature at its best in its true original surroundings. Your Beach Holiday Rooms are besides Sand dunes, near a River and opposite the Beach.
Staying at Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort on Mandrem beach in Goa gives you the unlimited opportunity of beautiful Goan Sunrises and Sunsets. 7 day, 7 nights stay, you get 7 Sunrises and 7 Sunsets. Your beach holiday room is just 5 to 6 footsteps away from Mandrem beach. In Premium Roof Top Sea View Bamboo Cottages the rising Sun rays and the Setting Sun rays reach to your room.



7 Star Goa Beach Holiday Experience at 2 Star Price

Goa Beach Huts / Cottages are Romantic

Staying and living in Beach huts and Beach cottages in Goa are very economical when compared to any 3 Star to 7 Star Hotel Price. The Beach cottage prices at Sunny O Saiba are the lowest and best when compared to any other hotel room location in Goa.

Couples love to live in a beach hut/cottage in Goa as this is normally not available on holidays in India or abroad. Living in Bamboo rooms is a down to the earth experience that brings you close to nature. Couples find it thrilling and exciting to live, love and laze around in a Beach hut spending quality time with partner and nature too.





Take a Break. Live in a Goa Beach Hut

First choice of tourists from Mega cities of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi etc is Beach huts for distressing and getting up close to nature. Goa beach huts have most all of the common amenities for a cozy and comfortable stay in Goa.

  • Electric Fans in all Bamboo Huts / Cottages
  • Electric Lights in all beach huts
  • Free Internet Wi-Fi access.
  • Extra Electric Points to charge your Gadgets
  • Attached Toilets and Bathrooms
  • Verandah/Gallery in every Hut/Cottage.
  • Roof Top or Beach View or Village View is your choice.
  • Free Natures music by Birds and Breezy winds.


Party in your Beach Room. Pleasure yourself in Beach Restaurant or Picnic on the Sandy Shores.

At Sunny O Saiba Beach Resort, the choice of eating out is all yours. You can eat in your beach room. You can eat and drink on our Sun beds on the beach. You can eat at OSaiba beach restaurant or you can order Picnic food right on the Sandy Shores of Mandrem beach. Food & Beverage service is provided in Rooms, in Restaurant, Sun beds and on the beach sands too.


Goa beach Shacks

The Multi Cuisine restaurant of O Saiba is built and operated on the traditional Goan style of a Beach Shack. RESTAURANT AND KITCHEN IS OPEN 24 HOURS EVERY DAY AND NIGHT DURING THE TOURIST SEASON IN GOA. You can enjoy delightful dishes starting from Sunrise to Sunset and even beyond. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Starters & Snacks, Anytime Orders. Soft drinks, Alcoholic drinks, Cocktails and Mocktails available too.




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